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I studied at the Federico II  University and  graduated in 2006 with prof. Roberto Serino with a final thesis on the requalification of a large part of the waterfront of Naples, in particular, the industrial activities destinated side, now disused.  I always believed that this profession needs, more than anything, a constant work in the field. For this reason, since the second year of university, I started working with an architecture studio, specialized in technology and large coverings; this first experience lasted a little more than two years and this was the ”falling in love” with the structures phase.

After my degree, I continued working for other two years with Roberto Serino. We had two projects together: the new Castellammare di Stabia railway station (exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2006) and the new panoramic elevator of Pizzofalcone in Naples.
I was Professor Serino’s assistant during the course of “Architectural design” and this was the “falling in love” with the theory phase.

I arrived in Turin in 2007 and a in few weeks I started working at Rolla’s Studio s.r.l., one of the most important architecture studio in town. Since February 2008 I worked on the project for the new Juventus F.c.  Stadium and related commercial activities. It was a complex and complete challenge at the same time, going over and over again from the general to the peculiar and vice versa; this was a winning strategy, made of detailed studies of materials, management for all the aspects of town planning,  many architectural hypotheses and different relationships with the territory. Since October 2009, I became, together with Rachele Michinelli, supervisor of this project and this was the most intense experience of my life.  After that one, I had many others projects in Turin: the conversion of the ex Factory Insvor ( where I was pm for the architecture of the building N.3 ), the design of the Palazzo del Lavoro and the requalification of the Areas of ex Moi. All this took me straight to the “falling in love” with the city phase. In 2011, I opened  with Rolla Studio a branch office in Florence, where we followed all projects for the new ACF Fiorentina Stadium and related commercial activities. Since that moment on I divided my self and soul between Florence and Turin, working on several projects. Among these, there are the New Headquarters of the platform for the containers in the commercial port of Vado Ligure project and the New Multipurpose Center of the city of Alba. 

In the same period in Florence, I created an open space dedicated to young artists, where they were asked to show their works. In this situation of studio/gallery, I knew some colleagues who become then partners of my following professional adventure.
In 2012, in fact, I founded with Claudio Cantella, who was coming from the school of Craig Ellwood, The studio Najsarchitects. During these years we dealt with many design themes, facing with the florentine territory and trying to reweave some parts of the historical center left aside from the big tourist machine. I would like to remember the proposal for the requalification of the Pontassieve railway area, a project developed with the total involvement of the citizenship and the local committees. It was an intense search for many different themes, linked to each other by a common fil rouge, that was the use of elementary materials. This “raw materials” elementary approach, became a true and right method for the achievement of the project main purpose, which was the “aesthetics of necessity”. This was the “falling in love” with materials phase.
Structures, theory, cities and materials, are the four watchwords of my work, carried out so far on this path I just want to keep following.