Type: competition
Client: City of Glion, Switzerland
Size: 3.500 mq sb / 5.000 mq terrain
Location: Glion, Switzerland
Status: idea
Copyright: 2015 © Najs Architects
Team: Raphael Chatelet, Renata Taseva


The project area is embedded in the beautiful territory of ​​Glion, a small village on the Lake Leman; the land is very steep, with a drop on a distance around 40 meters, of more than 15 meters, and this makes the designing of the new juvenile rehabilitation center an even more interesting challenge.

The building is made up of three volumes, put together in a way to overtake  the slope with minimal excavations, where the common spaces organized on a horizontal slab, combine with the two volumes that contain the rooms and semi-private areas in a way to form a bridge, under which it creates a covered square, where the guests can spend time outdoor but protected from rain and sun.

The same covered square overlooks  on a garden thought to be a therapeutic space, composed by thematic vegetable gardens that have the purpose  to co-operate to the therapy with direct experiences in touch with the nature.

The paths are organized on different levels of use, so who is coming from the street and wants to cross the park can use a real “promenade”, while the guest can use  the covered square  and a network of walkways and common areas that help to diversify the activities during the stay.